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Buy a Hog Roast

Maybe you’re the individual that wants to stay in charge of the BBQ but you are also looking for something a little different and impressive. Or you are the company that is looking for another attraction to add to your services and draw in extra footfall to your business. We are happy that we can offer you affordable equipment that can bring the answer to your quest.

The Hog roast rotisserie system that we offer is popular as it is very adaptable and can roast various meats including lamb, venison and poultry. The good news is that they are simple and safe to use. They can be used inside or out but remember that a circuit breaker should be used when operating outside. The other good news is that they are easy to keep clean and hygienic, due to their special design.

We offer a simple no fuss package that includes; Hog roast fittings, carving tray, tray warmers and a removable fat tray.

We also have available extra items such as; two tier meat/jacket potato trays, joints of meat sectional spit system, five spur poultry spit and sausage racks. We can be adaptable to your needs and find a package of equipment that suits you.

You may want to note that the electric voltage of the rotisserie is 240 and a Corgi Gas Certificate is issued with each rotisserie.


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