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Hungry for Hog roast?

Have you ever been walking past that private function where they are cooking a hog roast? The crunch of the crackling. The irresistible smell. The smell that seems to just follow you around until you are unable to bear it any longer and you have to just go and eat something? What is it that makes it so irresistible? Well instead of just dreaming about thick slabs of hog roast on a floury bap with lashings of sweet apple sauce or mustard…make it a reality and find out first hand! Get in touch with us and for a very reasonable price you can get the hog roast experience, it could even be in your own back garden. Our hog roast is special and traditional and we provide the experience at very affordable prices.

Whole Hog Roast Hire in Hertfordshire

Our Hog roast hire in Hertfordshire is very popular as we promote a stress free, tasty and efficient service. Our hog roast hire in Hertfordshire makes sure their customers are happy with the quality of the meat provided and the high standard of hog roast experts cooking the hog, so that nothing has to be worried about. We pride ourselves in being a friendly and hardworking team that can bring hog roast hire in Hertfordshire to your own front door. All we need from you is to know what numbers we are working with and also what additional meat you may like alongside your hog. We can provide lamb, venison and poultry. Hog roast hire in Hertfordshire is dedicated to helping you have a happy and memorable experience.

Delightful Hog Roast Catering

The great thing about hog roast catering is it is so adaptable! Hot summers… can provide sizzling hot hog roast catering. Cold wet winters…we can provide heart-warming hot hog roast catering. Inside, outside, small occasion, big…we can cater for you! Hog roast catering can provide an experience for you that will make your occasion fun and interactive leaving the guests feeling more than satisfied! You don’t need to worry. We provide all you need with our hog roast catering; all you need to decide upon is the venue. We are an experienced team who take pride in offering this delightful service. Because we have the correct equipment and experience our service is as adaptable as it can be.

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