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Hurrah for the Traditional Hog Roast

Traditional food and the traditional way of cooking is making a comeback.

Many people are tired of looking for the latest fad when it comes to food, realising that unfortunately quality and flavour gets forgotten and pushed aside. You only need to get a whiff of a hog roast to be reminded that traditional, simple food is often the most rewarding and best quality. A hog roast also remains an exciting experience as it engages the senses of sight, smell and taste and disappoints none of them. Enjoy this traditional and scrumptious hog roast and you won’t be thinking about anything else! This is ideal for that summer party or that important corporate event.

Roasting Hot Hog Roast Catering

All the staff involved in our hog roast catering deliver with a smile. We love what we do and do our utmost to deliver the hot hog roast experience. Hog roast catering is not just about the meat being perfect but the whole experience, therefore we work hard to deliver all you want and need for your occasion. Our hog roast catering is organised and professional and will be tailored to your occasion. Our hog roast catering can be provided for occasions such as an anniversary, garden BBQ, Festival, school event to sporting events and many more. Please give us a call and find out more about our hog roast catering service and we will provide you with all the information you will need.

Easy Hog Roast Hire

Save yourself the stress of making 300 Tuna sandwiches or slaving over a hot stove for your guests. Try our hog roast hire and you will not be disappointed and neither will your guests! Our hog roast hire can cater for many different party numbers, one hog being able to feed up to 200 people! Our hog roast hire is easy, efficient and most of all enjoyable for all involved. We are very adaptable so we can not only provide hog roast hire but also other cuts of fantastic meat that you may want. You have no need to worry if it will rain or whether there will be sunshine, we can cook inside or out.

All you have to do is give us a call and book our hog roast hire and we will do the rest in providing you with a fantastic meat feast. We haven’t even mentioned the amazing crackling.


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